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Happy Petopia

Happy Travels All-Weather Multifunctional Dog Car Seat Cover

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Your best travel companion! 3-in-1: Dog car seat, travel carrier, and dog bed! Perfect for traveling, day trips, or lounging, no matter where the road takes you!


A multifunctional and practical solution for pet-friendly travels. This cover blends protection for your car upholstery with the comfort of your furry friend, ensuring a smooth journey for all. 

Clean car & Comfy Pup = Happy Travels 


✨ Quality Material: Durable, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. Cleanup is a breeze - just a quick wipe or vacuum will do the trick.

✨ Breathable nets: The mesh windows promote better air circulation, providing comfort for your pet and reducing their travel anxiety.

✨ 2 Storage Pockets: For your pet's essentials. Perfect for food, water bowls, and toys.

✨ Multifunctional: This versatile cover fits most cars or SUVs and can be used as a trunk seat, passenger seat, or a cozy spot for your pet.

✨ Safety First: Features a safety buckle, safety seat belt pocket, and leash safety buckle for safe travels. 

✨ Harness-Friendly:  The cover comes with a harness opening for secure and safe travels.

Dimensions: 143*153cm

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